In de krant in Tanzania….

Na een interessant en even intensief bezoek aan het Apopo project in Tanzania, weer thuis. Apopo traint ratten om landmijnen én tbc op te sporen.

De kranten in Tanzania hebben het verhaal van de provincie trouwens opgepikt, zoals het dagblad “Daily News”:

MASEMBE TAMBWE, 13th November 2010 @ 16:00: ” The Sokoine University of Agriculture landmine detection project is soon expanding to Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), thanks to the signing of a new seven-year co-operation deal with the Province of Antwerp in Belgium. (…) A member of the Provincial Government responsible for North-South, Mrs Inga Verhaert said during the signing ceremony in Morogoro this week that landmines and Tuberculosis (TB), affect most vulnerable individuals and communities in the developing world.

” They are the major obstacles in social and economic development and therefore the Province of Antwerp is happy to support this exceptional initiative, ensuring its expansion,”  she said in a statement.  By supporting APOPO, Mrs Inga Verhaert said that the Province of Antwerp was both investing in scientific research for humanitarian purposes, while promoting employment  and training in Tanzania. ”

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